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The Top Five Reasons for Needing a Roof Replacement

[Posted on 28 Jan 2013 by Jay Coleman]

No homeowner ever really wants to do a Roof Replacement ‚Äď We replace roofs utilizing excellence, but sometimes they are unavoidable. There are certain circumstances will inevitably cause a roof to need to be replaced and luckily most of these circumstances would be covered by home insurance. Here are the top five reasons you might need to replace your roof:

Wind Damage

Wind comes in many forms, from a simple windy day to a category five hurricane. If you have a shingled roof or a metal roof, wind can get under the roofing material and lift part of it off, causing all kinds of damage. A severe wind storm, a tornado or a hurricane can produce so much wind damage that you might need to do a full roof replacement. In the case of the last two, of course, a damaged roof may be the least of your problems, as tornadoes and hurricanes can be extremely dangerous.

Animal Damage

Squirrels, birds, possums, raccoons--for whatever reason, they seem to like your home as much as you do. Given half a chance, they will invite themselves in, and more often than not, their favorite point of entry is through the roof. Little claws, beaks and teeth can do more damage than you might expect and if the animals are allowed to continue working on their entry point, you will eventually need to do extensive repairs or maybe even roof replacement.

Hail Damage

There's nothing quite like the feeling when you realize that mother nature has decided to start hurling ice balls at your home. That ice, known as hail of course, can dent a metal roof or loosen seals, patches, flashing and seams on any type of roof, allowing leaking to occur. If a roof is already compromised by age or exposure to the elements, hail can really tear things up and make repair or replacement a necessity.


Age is an enemy that works slowly and steadily against all things, living and non-living. A roof is no exception. As time goes on, roofing materials exposed to the sun and wind will begin to break down, gaps will widen and fasteners and adhesives will loosen. With Texas weather, roof replacement due to age is inevitable regardless of what type of roofing Dallas home and business owners have--it's just a question of when.

Poor Workmanship

In any trade there are professionals and those who are not quite professionals. You'll know which type of people installed your roof the first time it rains. Unfortunately, an unqualified roof repair technician can do a lot of damage by choosing the wrong materials for the job or installing them incorrectly, leading to leaks, loose shingles or other problems. In most of these cases, patching and repair won't do--the roof will need to be replaced. Roof problems are expensive and can lead to very expensive interior problems if not addressed early. If you've experienced wind damage, animal damage, hail damage, aging or poor workmanship on your roof, it might require not just repair, but total roof replacement.

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