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Quick Roofing was great for all of our home issues after the big hail storm this past summer. We have used them twice now and highly recommend the company. Thanks for your help, professionalism and expertise!

I'm highly satisfied with the service that I received. The quality and speed were outstanding. Jesse's attention to the work, availability and his recommendations and dealing with my insurance was world class. Will be always grateful.

What an impressive job you guys did on my roof. These guys rock out my roof from tear down to clean up in 10 hours! And the team were professional and very concerned about protecting our plants.

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As roofers in Dallas, Quick Roofing has established a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy because we always provide quality workmanship for all of our customers. Whether it is a residential or commercial location, we use the best materials to repair leaks, re-roof rooftops, and more. Our qualified crew has obtained all of the necessary licenses (both state and local) required to perform their duties at the highest level. In addition, we never run out of supplies, even during storm season, thanks to our relationships with local suppliers. Whenever you need roofing in Dallas, you can depend on Quick Roofing!

Featured Article:

Four Questions for Roofers in Dallas

[Posted by Jay Coleman]

There are many roofers in Dallas that promise to quickly repair homes' roofs, but it can be difficult to determine which roofer is most reliable. Homeowners that have a leaky roof want to quickly find a contractor that will repair it, before any significant structural damage occurs. They do not want to revisit the issue in six months, though. Here are four questions to ask roofers, which will help Dallas-Fort Worth residents select the best roofer in their area.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

In Texas, anyone can put a sign on their pickup truck or take out a newspaper ad and claim to be a roofer. The most reliable companies did not just begin roofing yesterday but have long track records. The length of time a roofing contractor has been in business does not guarantee the quality of his work. All good roofers in Dallas, though, have extensive experience in the industry.

Do You Have any References?

The best indicator of the level of work a contractor does is his past performance. Before selecting a roofer, homeowners should ask for references. They should at least be able to see pictures of these jobs and call the homeowners directly. Hopefully, the roofer has done work nearby and homeowners can drive by too look at it.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Homeowners should only hire roofers in Dallas who are both licensed and insured. Licensed roofers are registered and perform reliable work. If they repair a roof's leak, but the issue returns quickly, then homeowners can register a complaint with the licensing agency.

Roofing is potentially dangerous work, and homeowners who do not hire an insured roofer open themselves up to potential lawsuits. If an uninsured roofer falls and injures himself, the homeowner can be held responsible. Roofing companies should hold a liability policy, which covers injuries that result from the work. Before hiring a company, homeowners should insist on being given a copy of this policy.

How Much Will the Job Cost?

Price, naturally, is the primary consideration for many homeowners. The price charged by roofers can vary greatly, from a few hundred dollars for a repair to tens-of-thousands of dollars for a large, complicated job. Homeowners should ask several roofers in Dallas for quotes, so they can find most affordable company. These quotes should be given in writing, so they cannot be changed at the roofer's whim. When comparing quotes, residents should ask companies why they charge more or less than the competition.

These four questions help homeowners identify the best roofer in their area. Asking about the company's history and for references establishes the quality of work, while inquiring about licensure and insurance eliminate a homeowner's liability. Once these considerations have been met, homeowners can compare quotes to find the most affordable solution.

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