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Quick Roofing

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Quick Roofing was great for all of our home issues after the big hail storm this past summer. We have used them twice now and highly recommend the company. Thanks for your help, professionalism and expertise!

I'm highly satisfied with the service that I received. The quality and speed were outstanding. Jesse's attention to the work, availability and his recommendations and dealing with my insurance was world class. Will be always grateful.

What an impressive job you guys did on my roof. These guys rock out my roof from tear down to clean up in 10 hours! And the team were professional and very concerned about protecting our plants.

Quick Roofing Provides Excellent Roofing Services

Using a developed guideline of procedures and policies, Quick Roofing is able to guarantee consistent workmanship and performance when roofing for Texas homes. Over the years, we have established relationships with supply chains and product manufacturers and have regional and bulk initiatives that assist in controlling costs. Our installers have all required state and local licenses, so you can depend on them for quality craftsmanship. After 25 years in the roofing industry, we have earned the right to be the ones that people call for roof replacement or repairs. Contact us today!

Featured Article:

Inspections by a Roofing Texas Company Helps Homeowners

[Posted by Jay Coleman]

Having your roof inspected by a roofing Texas company is an extremely important step in household maintenance, but unfortunately it is often overlooked. Many will only think to have their roofs inspected after a storm or similar disaster, but it is actually something that should be done fairly regularly. People fail to realize the damage that can result from a roof that is in need of repairs. When you call us at Quick Roofing for your roof inspection and repair, you will receive the following top notch service that includes a full inspection and repairing of damaged shingles, flashing, and roof penetrations. If you only want an inspection, we can come an offer you a full analysis of your situation and how much it would cost to repair everything with a detailed report for you to analyze. Here are just some of the problems you can avoid with regular roof inspections.

Lower Energy Costs

When a roof does not have good attic ventilation system, the roof will be prone to building up with snow and ice. This can cause an enormous increase in the homes energy bills, especially in the winter. A roof inspection by a roofing Texas company will check for proper ventilation which can help you cut down on costs and help everything run more efficiently.

Clogged Gutters

If the homeowner does not inspect and clear out the gutters prior to winter, two major problems could result. The first is that the gutters, clogged with leaves, branches, and related debris, has the potential to trap even more snow, rain water, and ice. The intense weight that these gutters can end up holding can cause a great deal of damage on a home, especially if they break off completely.

The second problem can be the potential for a roof leak. With the debris blocking the exit for the rain water and melting snow can cause the water to find a new route down, which might be right into the home. When water starts to get in the home, it can cause rot and damage to drywall as well as the wood underneath the roof. This will end up costing a lot to replace and repair. A quality roofing Texas company like Quick Roofing can help you avoid these problems.

Flashing Problems

The flashing is the aluminum that protects the edges of the roof. High winds, heavy rains, and other natural occurrences can cause the flashing to become loose and tear. If it is not replaced prior to the winter, it can be a major source of leaks. Homeowners will definitely save money in the long run by replacing it before it become a problem.

Roof inspections by a roofing Texas company are an important part of home maintenance. They help homeowners avoid costing problems in the future and keep large repairs to a minimum. You know that when you work with Quick Roofing, you only get the highest quality service.

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