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Hail Damage Roof Repair Doesn't Have to be as Bad as You Think

[Posted on December 07 2012 by Jay Coleman]

A hail damage roof repair is not exactly fun for anyone. Maybe you've been through it before. The storm rolls in, you hear the rain start to hit your roof, then the sound changes. The new sound is a thumping, like somebody is throwing rocks at your house. You look out and see the little balls of ice accumulating in your yard. It's a hail storm and your roof is in real danger. Even though a hail storm can cause problems, there is no need to panic because there are people that can help.

Hail can wreak havoc with a roof, tearing at shingles or pitting and denting a metal roof. It can damage siding or stucco and even worse, it can cause leaks that will do far more damage in the long run to the interior of your house. To prevent this kind if serious interior and exterior damage, you need to get hail damage roof repair done very quickly. A good roof repair company can move quickly to get your roof sealed and repaired, as well as checking to see if there is any additional unseen damage. It is vitally important to get the roof repaired quickly, but it is equally important in the long run to get your roof and your home back to the same condition it was in before the hail damage.

Of course, even before calling your roofing company, you'll want to call your insurance company when a hailstorm damages your roof. Hail damage roof repair should be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, and the sooner you get an insurance adjuster to look at your roof, the sooner you can start the repairs. Generally speaking, the roofing company would do the repairs and send the bills to your insurance company who would then pay for the repair, less the amount of your deductible and any charges they consider unreasonable. While the insurance company might be able to recommend a roof repair company, the choice of which company to use is ultimately yours.

The ideal situation would be to find a roofing company that will work with your insurance company to provide a quick, efficient and fully-covered hail damage roof repair. An ideal roofing company would assess the hail damage, record it, and work to complete repairs, quickly, completely, correctly an in keeping with the budget set forth by the insurance adjuster. Some repairs might involve the use of different technicians or even different companies, but a good roofing company could help to manage those other parts of the project to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the work gets completed to specifications.

Recovering from hail damage requires a team effort from you, your insurance company, a roofing company and possibly other technicians and contractors. As long as the companies and specialists you deal with are competent, capable and trustworthy, the process of completing hail damage roof repair and bringing your whole house back to pre-storm conditions can be relatively painless.

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